About The Radical Designist

The ‘Radical’ Designist, a Design Culture Journal (ThRAD), is an on-line referred journal with a double-blinded reviewing system that is devoted to the publication of Design and Material Culture papers.


ThRAD was created as resource for UNIDCOM/IADE´s research line: “Theory and History of Material Culture” that now corresponds to the research group:  "Mapping Design: History, products, culture and identity", organized around four research themes:

a) Francisco d' Hollanda and Early History of Design. (1450 – 1836)

b) Portuguese (and other regional/national) Design History (1836-2000): from products to industrial and cultural policies.

c) Design and Dialogue between Arts: Aesthetics, Photography, Cinema and Literature. (2001-….)

d) Design as a communication tool of heritage towards identity.

ThRAD is a journal about Culture, in general, with a Design motto. ThRAD welcomes papers that enhance sharp observations on Literature, Film, Dance, Theatre, Sculpture, Architecture, etc., with short lists of bibliographic references. In other words, we prefer deep plunges in texts or objects rather than extensive literature reviews.

Time rapidly galloped away from the ‘happy days’ of pre-Post-History, so we suggest that one undertakes an archaeological attitude when writing a paper, in order to prevent mythographies from being installed, regarding the periods mentioned.
Nevertheless, contributions, not limited to time-frames, are welcome.
We also encourage submissions from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Languages of submission: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.

The eventual paper publication of selected works, "The Reader´s Designist Magazine" (ThReAD) will be bilingual, at least in abstracts.

Important Note: “The Radical Designist” has nothing to do, whatsoever, with biological “designism”. We do not speculate about intelligent design and its use in the origin of life.