Anotations on Inigo’s copy of Palladio Treatise on Architecture “I Quattro Libri Della Architectura di Andrea Palladio”

Inigo Jones

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p1) on 5th flysheet; "…as in the designe I have," (Vicenza, Monday 23.9.1613.)

p11) p43, bk1; "So that when you are to make duble pillors Desine them so as ye Abbacos maaye tuch it but not ye Plinth below."

p19) p4, bk2, in lower margin; "This Vissentin foot is more then Our Inglesh foot by 2 ynches or on 6 partt and the ynch more than our ynch by a 6 part, al the desine in this booke ar messured by this foot:".



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